Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Workshop..on a budget.

Well here it is, the end of phase 1 of getting this whole Steel Stew thing off the ground. This is the corner of our garage where I'll be attempting to set up shop, for now anyways. The problem is that we don't have a cellar so all "basement crap" gets put in our garage. Luckily my wife has been good about the whole thing! I don't have all the tooling yet, I hope to just be able to sit and regain my "TIG touch" for the next month or so....
Luckily I have a brother who's an electrician so he came up last weekend and thru in some outlets and breakers. I gotta patch this hole though... Looks bad for business.

OK, remember I'm new to all of this fancy computer stuff so the pic is sideways (it took me forever to just figure out how to download pics...) Here's my Theremal Dynamics welder in front of the 220 outlet my brother put in. Just waiting to be used. Thanks Wade on the great deal !!!!!

Again a sideways pic of the argon tank. Another "find" from Wade.... Tonight I have to chain it down so the little hands around the house don't knock it over...Yikes!
Well as I said, just cleaning and organizing the area right now, I hope to be welding in the next couple of days. I even bought a new stool !!!! My ass has never been happier...
The next couple of months will allow me to obtain some other much needed things like a heavier vise, files, blocks and all the jig stuff. I have an old jig sittng here but it needs some modifications. More on that in another post.
Time to get back to just welding practice, practice, and more practice...
By the way, I'll get the hang of this posting stuff, be patient.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome to Steel Stew Cycleworks!

Well I finally got around to doing this all... This computer illiterate bike rider is attempting to produce a blog.
I encourage you to come here for my (semi) daily posts on my slow going trials and tribulations of entering the ranks of a bicycle frame builder. I will probably add in some info on my family, bike riding (and maybe my quest to race again) and other boring day to day drudgery too.
All my life I've enjoyed riding and wrenching bikes, sometimes with varying success. And now I'm taking the next step and welding some tubes and designing frames.
I was lucky enough to attend United Bicycle Institute in February to get my feet wet and then I met a great guy name Wade who opened his shop and welding knowledge to me to help me get started.
In the next few days I'll learn how to post pics and become more efficient in figuring out how all this works. Hopefully it will start to look a bit spiffier.
Welcome to Steel Stew Cycleworks....
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