Monday, November 10, 2008

Ground is positive!!!!

Well the other day I finally got the welder up and running, but I couldn't figure out why I was burning through tungsten and not gettng an arc. Finally realized (Thanks to Wade) that I mixed up my pos and neg and after that, works like a charm. Last few night I've just been sitting practicing running beads for about 45 minutes playing around with setting's and stuff. I need to hit up Logan Steel tomorrow to get some more scrap. Plus I need to find a muffler shop who might have some scrap tubing so I can practice curves and joints. That's what we practiced on the first couple of days at UBI.
Another plus is that my neighbor and I figured out how we can easily and relatively cheaply make some new blocks for my jig. Things are a bit crazy right now for the holidays and such, so hopefully after the first of the year, those will be done with the other mods I need to do it.
I'm going to check Logan Steel to see if they have any scrap 8020 laying around for the mods.
Also I found a couple of "test rats" who are willing to risk life and limb and ride the first few Steel Stews next spring. Hopefully I won't let them down.


MMcG said...

Oh yeah oh yeah - I like reading about this progress!!!

Shall I upgrade my life insurance policy? ;)

CB2 said...

You can practice on conduit too, just make sure your ventilation is up to snuff.

kurisu said...

Need any more "test rats"? - I want to volunteer!

Chris in Japan.