Friday, November 21, 2008

Sleeping with the Enemy...

Well OK, not quite there yet. Maybe someday I can hope to be.

Our esteemed friend Mark (MMcG) dropped off his new Wojcik Monkey Butt for me to do the finishing touches on the build.

The thing I like about tig'ed steel is the clean unassuming welds and lines of the bike. The MB doesn't dissapoint.

I'm not a huge fan of the "do-all/slider/ebb" bikes that are the trend in 29ers these days (especially steel, but maybe I'll rant on a later post) but the sliders on these look pretty solid and minimal.
It should be done tonight Mark. Enjoy it.

On the Stew front, I haven't really had a chance to practice much this week. Family, house work, a shit load of leaves in my yard and just plain being tired by the time kids go to bed made it kind of hard this week. Hopefully I can get in a bit this week end and play around more this upcoming week.

I got some scrap tubes from a builder so I can play around with that too.

I was also able to sell the Cross Check I had for sale. Right now the money is being used for Christmas present cash for the kids but I was promised I'll get it back for tooling as I need

The SuperCaliber frame is still for sale too, so if you know anyone who rides an XL and wants to try the joys of a 29er FS, let me know. No real price has been set yet. Here's a pic:
Now go out and ride your bike.

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MMcG said...

Send me those photos you took and thanks for putting on the finishing touches.

See you tomorrow!