Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where have I been?

That's a good question. And the answer is, well, no where. Just been here all winter.
Haven't really posted much because I haven't had much to say.
On the frame building front things have progressed slower than I hoped. Trying to get the consistency of TIGing down has been harder than I thought because I haven't been able to practice consistently. I hope this week will be fully dedicated to practice and building can start next week. It's hard to get motivated going into a cold garage at 8 at night.
I pretty much have my jig up and running, requires a bit of tweaking at build time, but it will be more than OK for my needs. I'll post pics when it's used. Fist bike will be a modified version of my UBI bike. Then a few bikes for some friends and a cross bike for myself.
On the riding front, it's the same as the building. Nothing. I was hoping to start racing this April, but at this rate, I don't see that happening. Plus money's getting a bit tight, so maybe I'll just do select races this year anyways (yeah, that's what I'll keep telling myself).
Well I promise to go back to more consistent updates from here on out.
Toddre, out.


MMcG said...

practice practice practice!

CB2 said...

Winding trails is a great 29'er course; if I were to do only one race it would be that one. Actually it would be the MT Ascutney Hill climb, but I digress (Winding Trails is closer and a MTB race).

Todd H. said...

Back in my previous bike racer/shop worker life, I used to do Winding Trails and I never really enjoyed it all that much.
Maybe things have changed.
Got to get training I guess.