Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas presents?

Well I sat down with some flat scrap and tube scraps and welded away. I forgot how thin bike tubing really is and proceeded to blow some holes. At least I was able to practice my hole patching.
After I was done, I wondered if people would like pencil holders for gifts this year....

Ehhh...maybe not.
Here's a crappy pic of the crappy welds and crappy holes I blew...
I need some camera tips here, sorry.
As you can see, this one ain't pretty. But it was my first one so the others looked better, trust me.

A couple things I have to do/remember.
1) Clean everything! Makes the welds so much nicer, safer and easier.
2) Hold the tungsten perpendicular to the joint. I can control the heat much better.
3) Slow down. I found myself flying around everywhere and I'm not satisfied with the penetration.

On a sadder note, my brand new stool took a hit!
Thank god for duct tape.
Well tonight should be a Yoga night and hopefully get around to finishing the "trainer bike".

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